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Tarot Cube

Tarot Cube application for Android devices. Allows you to use your own Taro Deck as a wise adviser in everyday life.

RC Camera

IP cameras monitoring software for Windows Mobile 6.x devices. Application uses a jpeg-mode of a camera(to reduce the traffic). The communication with the camera is accomplished by the use of CGI-commands. The definite commands are set in the camera working profile. Included profiles allow the communication with TRENDnet, AXIS, Edimax, Ipux, Panasonic, D-Link and Linksys cameras. The ability of setting user's profiles, let the application be set for any IP-cameras, supporting CGI-commands.


SObserver can manage any services. You can configure SObserver for periodically restart selected service or monitoring status and start it case it down.

ADMLink SNMP Agent 1.7

Win95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3 * Freeware * 549Kb


SNMP agent for Windows. This agent supports next standard MIBs: HOST, INTERFACES and SYSTEM. Use Console (included) for configure the Agent. Use any SNMP v1, 2 managers (not included) for gathering information.
product's certification and the award ADMLink SNMP Agent has been tested by the Softpedia labs and found to be completely clean of adware/spyware components.

Matrix Monitor 1.1

Windows9x/NT/W2K/XP * Freeware * 234Kb


Cool screen saver for Windows. This software is developed to Matrix fan. Just copy the matmon.scr file into system folder and choose Matrix Monitor screen saver in the Display properties.

Digital Clock

Digital Clock is a great looking and very easy-to-use desktop clock for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000. It will help you to feel and control time, be always right on time and be confident that you will never miss anything while you are working on your computer. Make your own appearance of Digital Clock by skin and get your own style of time!

dwpMaster 2.5

Windows9x/NT/W2K * Shareware * 542 Kbytes


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This program expands possibilities of the Windows 9x/NT/W2K on the handle Desktop Wallpapers.
You can generate the list from the graphics files, which have liked you, and to set the schedule of updating from it of a desktop. The picture's sizes correction is enabled !
The program can update a desktop for want of to each loading of the system, once in some days or periodically in your operating time.
During creation of the list you can at once see on the emulator of the screen as new Wallpaper will be looked on a desktop.
The friendly interface. Multilanguage supports. Year 2000 ready.
Build: June 2, 2000.

Unzip and run setup.

"Autorun mode" FIX for  dwpMaster 2.5

dwpMaster 2.5 * Free * 1 Kbytes

This patch fixes the "Can not enable the autorun mode" error on some Windows9x systems. Just download and merge information from "w9x_patch.reg" to the system's registry.

dwpMaster 2.5 Russian

W9x/NT/W2K * Freeware * 474 Kbytes

The Russian version of the dwpMaster.

Multi language support file for dwpMaster

dwpMaster 2.x * Free * 4 Kbytes

The Multi Language support file for dwpMaster.
Build: June 1, 2000.

In this release now supports: English, Russian, Italian, Franch, Deutsch, Magyar and Ukranian. Just unzip it in folder with program.

delphi form constraints bug fix

Delphi * 1Kb

You can define restrictions of minimum and maximum sizes of the program's window by using the "Constraints" property of form. But (if the Windows option "move window with contents" not checked) when you change sizes of the window of your compiled program, while you have not released a mouse button, - the framework of the window varies in large limits, than is defined. To correct it is possible having introduced small modifications in a source code of class "TCustomForm" in file "Forms.pas". Do not forget to recompile the "Forms.pas".

Kamchatka Button 1.2

Delphi 2,3,4,5 or 6 * Freeware * 198 Kbytes

The visual component for Delphi 2,3,4,5 or 6. The modern button from Kamchatka. 4 styles, Color & HotColor, Alignment & Margin properties. Help and Demo included.

Build: October 13, 2001.

Unzip and install new component to Sample pallete.

DELPHI Rijndael algorithm implementation

Delphi * Free * 69 Kbytes

The implementation is based on an original code. The CBC-mode bug fixed. Sources. Exe-demo included.

MS LAN Manager APIs

Delphi * Free * 24 Kbytes

Microsoft LAN Manager APIs for Delphi. Sources.

Mouse Friendly Package 1.2

Delphi 4 * Freeware * 43 Kbytes

The visual components for Delphi 4 (D3 may be). Sources included.

Build: Oct 15, 1998.

6 improved components, sensitively reacting on the mouse. Easy to install, easy for usage.


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